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Our team will teach you how our all-in-one platform can revolutionize your business.


What is DentalQore?

DentalQore is a digital marketing company that specializes in helping businesses in the dental industry to grow their practices by building a competitive online presence and attracting higher value patients.

What can DentalQore do for my practice?

DentalQore can help your practice by providing higher value patients, more prominence online, a greater ease of management, and unmatched, exceptional customer service.

Who will be calling me?

You will be speaking with one of DentalQore's well-trained and experienced Product Specialists whose expertise lies in recommending the most effective services to help our clients achieve the goals of their businesses.

How long will the phone call last?

We know you're busy, so we can provide a quick overview within about 15 to 20 minutes. And if we explore your questions and the specific goals that you have for your practice, then we could spend around 30 minutes. But given the way our results can boost your revenue, it will likely be your most valuable 30 minutes of the year!

What will the phone call be about?

Generally speaking, we will talk to you about the way our all-in-one platform can help you meet the goals and needs of your practice.

More specifically, here are just a few topics that we can discuss:

  • how to improve your patient communication
  • how to streamline the technical aspects of your practice
  • how our all-in-one platform integrates with your practice management software
  • our custom websites that are built for speed, designed for marketing and optimized to perform
  • how we can track your website's performance with insightful, on-demand data
  • how to protect your revenue with automated patient reminders
  • how our team can tell the story of your practice through a custom-made video
  • how your website can convert more visitors into patients
  • how effective paid advertising can maximize your ROI
  • how our central platform increases your positive reviews and protects your online reputation
  • how we can improve your website's SEO and help your practice to be more competitive
Does this presentation cost any money?

No way! Our short presentation is completely free. It will only cost about 15 to 20 minutes of your time.

Will this phone call be a "hard sell" sales pitch?

No way! We're not in the business of pushing people around with high-pressure sales pitches. DentalQore is in the business of helping dental practices to attain more high-value patients and to become more competitive online.

Am I obligated in any way, if I take this phone call?

No way! There is no obligation whatsoever. We will share what DentalQore's, all-in-one, central platform can do for your practice. If you feel it's not for you, then that's that. And if you have additional questions, we'll be happy to help!

Do I need to provide any information?

No. You do not have to provide any information.
However, if you would like to understand what DentalQore could do for your practice, we typically ask these types of non-invasive, non-sensitive questions:

  • the name of your practice
  • your areas / cities of service
  • your goals for your practice, etc.
How much do DentalQore's services cost?

Our personalized services are designed to cater to the specific needs of each individual practice. Some practices need more assistance than others, so the best way to get an accurate pricing quote is to speak with our team about what you would like to accomplish with your online marketing.

What are the various products and services that DentalQore provides?

DentalQore has a significant advantage over our would-be competitors because we offer a vast spectrum of online marketing services — all under one roof, such as:

  • Custom-Built WebsitesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • PPC AdvertisingAppointment Reminders
  • Patient CommunicationReview Management
  • Treatment VideosCustom Videography
  • Customizable Patient Forms— and so much more!

In short, DentalQore's all-in-one central platform can revolutionize your practice and help it to grow with innovation and vastly improved communication — all with one company and a powerful suite of digital tools.

Simply put, DentalQore has everything your practice needs to be competitive online.

What do your clients love most about DentalQore?

DentalQore has received hundreds and hundreds of five-star reviews from happy clients. But if we were to summarize the feedback that we hear most, our clients' three favorite aspects of DentalQore seem to be:

  • Expertise – Happy DentalQore clients are extremely impressed with our state-of-the-art, cutting edge products and services.
  • Simplicity – Our clients love how simple it is to work with only one company that can provide such a vast number of effective, online marketing services.
  • Service – Most reviewers celebrate DentalQore’s attentive customer service. Our company exerts a remarkable amount of time and effort to ensure that our clients are satisfied.