Frequently asked questions

What is DentalQore?

DentalQore is a practice growth and technology company that specializes in digital marketing for the dental industry.

Do I have an account manager?

If you are a DentalQore client, you have a Client Success account manager who serves as your representative. Call (866) 664-5216, Ext. 714.

How do I update my staff photos and biographies?

If you are a DentalQore client, you can send an email to techsupport@help.dentalqore with your staff changes.

Does DentalQore run paid ad campaigns?

Yes, we can provide you with additional details about our paid ad campaigns. Simply call (866) 664-5216, Ext. 714.

What type of SEO services does DentalQore offer?

1. On-page SEO: keyword placement and internal linking on your website
2. Behavioral SEO: website design that encourages longer website sessions and lower bounce rates
3. Technical SEO: website speed and mobile-friendliness

Does DentalQore offer electronic patient forms?

Yes, for clients who have our Elite Package, we provide customized patient forms for your website.

What type of packages does DentalQore offer?

We offer an Elite Package, a Premier Package, a Basic Package, a Paid Ads Package and a Media Package.

Does DentalQore create business cards or pamphlets?

No, we do not provide business cards or pamphlets. However, we do provide a custom graphic for Elite clients to take elsewhere to print business cards or pamphlets.

Can I text DentalQore?

We do have texting numbers available. Please contact your Client Success account manager at (866) 664-5216, Ext. 714.

What team do I need to speak with to make updates to my website?

Please send your website update requests to You can also call our Tech Support Team at (866) 664-5216, Ext. 1.

Still have questions?

Our team is happy to provide the answers. Call 866-664-5216 or email us anytime.

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