The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) titles II and III were published in July of 1991. Since then, the Department of Justice clarified that the acts included all public domain, including websites. After 30 years, the need for compliant design practices that are built to accommodate the newest assistive technologies has never been greater. As a company, DentalQore has placed ADA compliance first and foremost in our efforts to create websites that can adapt to the needs of anyone who visits our clients’ sites.

Compliant Designs
From our core code to the custom-designed sites we build, compliance is integrated every step of the way.

Compliance Training
Our designers and developers undergo ADA compliance training to ensure that they remain up to date on the best practices pertaining to building websites which are accessible to all users.

Compliance Scans
We routinely scan our clients’ sites using Google Lighthouse, which scans for ADA compliance as well as other indicators associated with measuring website performance. We maintain performance goals higher than the industry standard in order to be confident that our sites are performing well with search engines, while also remaining highly accessible.

Compliant Tools
We are always innovating new implements that we can use to make ADA compliance fully built in to all our site tools. It is our goal to be fully confident in the compliance of every site by building tools that do all the “heavy lifting,” thereby reducing any inconsistencies and variables that could lead to non-compliance.